Bringing the lost art of systems engineering & integration back to well control equipment

About LinRich Solutions

We are a Houston-based consultancy, comprised of experts with decades of hands-on experience designing, manufacturing and integrating deep water pressure control equipment and systems. We combine our expertise in design and manufacturing with the science of systems engineering and integration. We collaborate with our clients to provide the most practical, justifiable and cost effective solutions for their deep water challenges.



To collaborate with people to rectify their most challenging problems



Trustworthiness – do what you say you’re going to do
Accountability – can the team count on you?
Integrity – do the right thing
Commitment – see it through until it can stand on its own
Clarity – think accurately
Originality – challenge/question the status quo



Our global clients utilize LinRich Solutions when they need to bolster their own internal technical resources with an objective, experienced and detail-oriented third party technical team that can ensure that specifications are met, performance expectations are achieved and budgets & schedules will be adhered to. LinRich Solutions provides the deep water drilling industry with proven technical talent to ensure that equipment is designed and specified to provide peak performance, compliance with all applicable regulations and industry standards. We partner with our clients and their stakeholders to chart the best path forward so that desired results will be achieved within a justifiable business case.