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Client Testimonials


“We had purchased two subsea MUX systems from a third party subsea controls company. The first MUX system that was delivered passed the function test in the shop and on the rig prior to deployment. However, once the system went subsea, it failed almost immediately. The third party subsea controls company then went bankrupt and we were left with the second subsea MUX system that we needed to deliver and ensure that it performed successfully when it went subsea. To help ensure we had a robust and reliable system we called in LinRich Solutions (LRS) to help. LRS helped us with two very important scopes of work (SOW). The first SOW was divided into three segments: 1) they performed a very detailed assessment of the existing MUX control system, 2) they then prioritized the changes that needed to be made, and 3) they provided us with a detailed cost estimate for completing the work.

Once the first phase was completed, LRS provided us with monthly consultant and technical advisory services to help us implement the changes and upgrades to the system that they had recommended in the first SOW. LRS’ recommendations helped to ensure proper functionality and increased reliability of the second subsea MUX system. LRS also provided scheduling, supply chain management, and project management assistance to keep us on schedule and budget. LRS provided us with excellent reports and detailed schedules. When we ran into challenges, the LRS team was there to provide timely suggestions and active support on how to remedy the problems we encountered. LRS were all very easy to work with, and they were there when we needed them, providing valuable insight into design changes and remedies to punch list items which enabled the system to function properly, keep the project on schedule, and increase overall system reliability. They were invaluable with regard to assisting with the organization of and supporting the component level, subassembly, and assembly level testing. LRS played an instrumental part in a timely delivery of the upgraded subsea MUX system. With the substantial help of the LRS team we were able to complete the FAT under budget and two days early. LRS’ participation in this project has given us and our customer a high level of confidence in the robustness and reliability of the reworked subsea MUX system.” – Vice President, Subsea Operations


“LinRich Solutions (LRS) recently provided consultation services to help rescue a troubled subsea project. The project had an extremely tight timeline which required a very high level of coordination with various vendors. LRS helped us locate and establish vendors to support our efforts and also assisted us with oversight of the vendors. The project required numerous overtime and weekend hours as well as several emergency recoveries when things went awry or new problems arose. LRS was there every step of the way offering not only their expertise but their time to help us solve tough issues. LRS took extreme ownership to ensure successful completion of this project. We completed FAT of the equipment with no punch list items 2 days ahead of schedule. Without the help of LRS, we would not have met [our client’s] milestone.” – Controls Systems Manager


“The staff at LinRich  made me feel like I was a part of their company. I could tell that each person in this organization wanted to see my company and I succeed.” – Project Manager


“I wanted to take a moment and thank you gentlemen again for all the help you provided and support you gave me during the [Project]. I cannot properly express what you guys mean to me as I hold each of you in the highest regard.” – Manager