Most of you know that we are continuously looking to help others solve their most challenging problems. It’s what we do – connecting the dots and aligning resources for the purpose of helping our clients.

What is your big hairy problem?

Why do I ask? Well, let me tell you a story.

Four weeks ago, a business acquaintance and I had a lunch. He brought a colleague. During the back and forth and flying salsa, the colleague basically said that all the work we were discussing was not going to happen unless he solved his most challenging problem first—and by the way, it needed to be solved before the end of the year. So, what else is there to do but ask: “what’s the problem?” He seemed taken aback that, not only did I know exactly what he was talking about (Safety Integrity Levels) but exactly who to call to solve the problem.

I think he was skeptical, who wouldn’t be? Some guy you just met claims to have the silver bullet you need—right now—and you were worried it would take you several painful months to research and solve. For us, no fuss no muss, this is what we do! We’re used to pulling together seemingly disparate resources from across a wide spectrum in order to help our clients.

So, I made a few calls and presented a proposal; we aligned the right resources to solve the problem and everything concluded in under 4 weeks. How great does my client look? He let me help him solve his problem, and his customer is tickled pink … business is back to moving forward and all in fraction of the time. Win – Win.

Do you have a problem that’s bothering the hell out of you? Want it go away? Give us a call and tell us about it. You really have nothing to lose except an opportunity to get your business moving forward again before the New Year is upon us.